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Where memories are made!


Welcome to Hippo Campers, Campervan conversions.

As you know, not all campers are alike and not all campervan companies are alike.

We aim to do things a little differently than most and make truly unique and individual campervans, to suit both your taste and budget.
We can work with pretty much any make or model of van.
Whilst we can do the same as everyone else, why not have a camper that truly reflects your personality and interests.

We operate out of Andover in Hampshire and our goal is make you a van as individual as you are. 

Our aim is never to make the same van twice!

We can tailor the external look of the van to add more sporty elements, such as alloy wheels, spoilers, side bars, paintwork, graphics etc.. and inside elements such as custom upholstery, furniture, beds, in fact almost anything you would like to specify.

Either bring your van to us with a few ideas to work on, we do love a challenge, and we can transform it into your dream camper, or we can help you source a donor van or offer advice on what to look for when choosing one. Occasionally we'll have our own vans up for sale as well so you can get your hands on a Hippo the quick way.

We only use the best quality components and ensure that all these are fully tested and approved for use in your campervan to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact us, or pop into the unit if you're in the Andover area, to discuss your van project or just to have a chat about about all things camper.


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