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It's a dogs life!

Life's a riot!

An Ex-police riot van for all the family

This Mercedes Sprinter campervan conversion has been designed to transport a couple and their dogs to dog agility competions around the country.

Converted from a riot van we have given this old plod-about a new lease of life.

We upcycled some of the police interior to build some kennels within the new layout.

The first part of this project was to fit out the interior to a basic camper with more work on the inside and outside to be done next winter.

Inside story

Bobby Dazzler?

The interior features gloss white EVO furniture, side sliding bed,  12V and 240V hook up electrics, lighting, diesel heater, hob, sink and fridge. Along with a "cell door" at the rear to keep the dogs safe and well ventilated when not performing.

As it happened...

See the transformation.

Quite a bit of modification was needed to remove the Police bits on the van, such as plastic shatter-proof windows, rear custody cell and riot gear storage.  We re-purposed what we could and added the first stage of the interior.  The client will test it out this year and come back with the van next winter for further improvements.

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